Emerson Harkin

New textbook chapter: A user's guide to generalized integrate-and-fire models

October 7, 2021
Front cover of the textbook 'Computational Modelling of the Brain'. Sample output of a generalized integrate-and-fire model. The model receives an electrical current as input and produces a voltage as the output.

Are you a patch clamper interested in getting your feet wet with modelling? Or maybe just characterizing the excitability of your favourite cell type in a few minutes flat (per neuron)? This guide is for you.

In under 20 pages, “A user’s guide to generalized integrate-and-fire models” introduces the main ideas behind some of the simplest and most versatile types of single neuron models, how to fit them to data, and what to do when they don’t work out of the box. This is the minimally-technical overview of a highly technical subject that I wish I had when I started my MSc.

Find the user’s guide in Computational Modelling of the Brain (open access version).